Oasis House

Oasis House is a brand new housing facility opening in 2012 in the centre of Northampton. It has 48 beds available for the single homeless population. This includes 39 self-contained apartments plus nine emergency units, three of which have dog kennels attached. As well as offering accommodation, Oasis House gives residents access to:

  • a day care centre
  • housing advice
  • employment support
  • substance misuse support
  • medical services
  • IT suite
  • arts and craft centre
  • kitchen garden

How can people access Oasis House?

Access is by people presenting themelseves at the project or ringing and declaring themselves as homeless. A triage form will be completed with them to see if they fit the criteria and if not they will be referred to other places such as NSNO or NBC gateway team to undertake a full assessment of their needs.

Clients are accepted for a period of 28 days to be assessed, after which time a decision is made about whether Oasis House is the right place for them. Entrenched rough sleepers, or A10s, for example, may be moved to the housing provided as part of our No Second Night Out initiative.

People with specific support issues, such as those with drug, alcohol and mental health issues, or ex-offenders, will not be excluded  for these support needs.

How do residents know what is expected of them?

People who move in to Oasis House are given a copy of the residents charter They are also made fully aware of the rules and the consequences of breaking them.

A warning system is in place to ensure that residents have the opportunity to stay at Oasis House until they can be housed in more appropriate accommodation.

We are fair and consistent to all residents, and give all of our clients the opportunities they need to success.

Which organisations are involved in Oasis House?

Oasis House is a Places of Change (PoC) project, initiated by a number of different partners in the Northampton area. These include: