No Second Night Out

In 2012, NAASH received funding to tackle entrenched rough sleeping in Northampton. Northampton Borough Council has committed to providing us with two 3-bedroom houses, each of which will have a slightly different focus. We hope that over the next two years we can end rough sleeping in Northampton altogether, with no newly homeless spending a second night out on the streets.

The two houses will allow us to focus on 3 main groups for whom the facilities at Oasis House would not necessarily be suitable.

  • Entrenched rough sleepers
  • A10s – i.e. people from the A10 European countries
  • Newly homeless

Entrenched Rough Sleepers

There is a small group of 5 entrenched rough sleepers in the Northampton area. Over the next two years we want to work with these people to find them suitable accommodation. There will be three single bedrooms available in one of the new houses to support these people. Along with the Northampton Outreach Rough Sleeping Worker we will develop an assessment and support plan. This will allow us to develop a personalised approach that will target each person’s individual needs.


  • Successful engagement in the accommodation and support offered at Oasis House;
  • Successful acces to the supported housing that has been determined as suitable to their needs: i.e. mental health, substance misuse, disability, specific learning needs, elder care, etc
  • To provide access to suitable social housing
  • To enable clients to be able to sustain social housing with or without floating support
  • Access to and ability to sustain the PRS with or without floating support
  • Reconnection with family and return to a safe and stable family home
  • Reconnection with another local authority where the individual has a connection and positive support network.

Preventing Rough Sleeping and Homelessness

As well as supporting entrenched rough sleepers, the project aims to prevent any individual from becoming an entrenched rough sleeper or long-term homeless. The second house will have six beds available for the following groups:

  • A10s or anyone who has no recourse to public funds. We will support these individuals to achieve one of the following aims: reconnect with either their home country; reconnect with family or friends elsewhere in the UK who can offer support; help the to gain support and access to PRS accommodation; help them to access appropriate benefit entitlements and accommodation;
  • New rough sleepers – we will provide short-term emergency accommodation for the newly homeless and who need help dealing with immediate crisis. We will deal with issues such as rent arrears, debt management, support with applying for housing benefit and access to suitable PRS accommodation, employment support, referral to relationship counselling or family mediation.


  • intensive crises management and support for the newly homeless
  • to ensure that no person who is newly homeless has to spend a second night on the streets
  • expansion of our relationship with local private landlords to increase safe and sustainable access to PRS
  • reconnection support, employment advice and benefit claim assistance for A10s
  • ensuring financial inclusion using counselling or mediation
  • supporting individuals to reconnect with family and other relationships


NAASH is working with a number of partners to ensure the delivery of this project.

 If you see a rough sleeper you can report this to Northampon Borough Council on 01604 629804. or alteratively you can email and complete the online form